Have a Messy Closet? Check Out These 8 Great Closet Organization Tools & Ideas

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You open your closet to get out a pair of shoes for an outing and like in a cartoon; everything starts to fall out on top of you… Sound familiar?

Have a Messy Closet? Check Out These 8 Great Closet Organization Tools & Ideas 1

It’s at this moment where you decide that maybe, just maybe, you should organize your closet.

Where do you begin when your wardrobe gets that bad though?

There are many little tricks that you can do to not only give yourself a bit more space in your closet to play around with, but also give you methods to put things away.

Keep reading to see some of our favorite closet organization ideas from professional closet designers so that you can start getting ready without risking injury via a “clothesalanche.”

It’s Time You Invest in 2, 4, 6 or even 8 Great Closet Add-ons!

Like planning outfits, the right accessory can make all the difference when it comes to organization ideas for your closet. Here are a few essential accessories for every closet.

Closet Organization Tool 1: Valet Rods

Have a Messy Closet? Check Out These 8 Great Closet Organization Tools & Ideas 2

Have you ever been planning outfits or trying to organize them for a trip?

Half the time you don’t end this process without wishing you had an extra hand or two.

Valet rods can be this extra hand. Check out our favorite valet rod here.

Valet rods allow you to separate clothes that you’re taking on a trip, or your dry cleaning from the rest of the outfits in your closet so you don’t have to remember what you picked out later or spend time digging and making a mess while searching for it.

Do you already have valet rods? If you try to move your dresser or a shelf for shoes into your closet and find out that it won’t fit due to your clothes there is a simple solution: Hang your clothing rod up a little higher. It might look silly at first but you’ll be glad you did it later.

Another tip is that instead of moving in a dresser or shelf you could fit a second rod below the first one to hold even more clothes.

Closet Organization Tool 2: Folding Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger Racks

folding hooks for closets

Hooks barely take up any space at all in your closet and provide several storage benefits.

For example, they can provide temporary homes for things that don’t have one yet.

One of the greatest closet organization ideas is to simply invest in clothes hooks for your closet. Why? Because clothes hanging racks fold in to save space – the ultimate goal here! So, with these handy-dandy racks, you’re sure to enjoy more space, no matter what size your closet may be. Check out our favorite folding clothes hangers here.

Closet Organization Tool 3: Tilt-Out Laundry Hampers

laundry hampers for closet organization

Hampers may take up a bunch of room, but they are a necessary evil.

Rather than shoving one in your closet, you should try a tilt-out hamper instead. Place one into your closet, get more room. Plus, it just looks neater.

They also usually come with removable bags as well.

All you have to do is take it out and lug it on over to the laundry room.

There are many different size laundry hampers that come in all shapes, sizes, and materials as well so that it can match your style. Check out our favorite tilt-out laundry hamper here.

Closet Organization Tool 4: Use Strategic Organization Hangers

space saving closet hangers

These accessories can help you hang your clothes strategically, saving a good amount of closet space for other accessories.

Without these types of closet hangers, unless you use a garment steamer every time, if you hang your pants or dresses above a shelf, you’ll usually wind up having them drape over it. It doesn’t look neat, and your clothes will get all wrinkly.

These types of hangers are usually great for organizing your t-shirts. Check out our favorite strategic space-saving hangers here.

Closet Organization Tool 5: Put Shoes on The Door With Over-The-Door Shoe Organizers

shoe closet organization

These accessories can help you hang your clothes strategically, saving a good amount of closet space for other accessories.

Depending on how many shoes you have, they can clutter up the floor of your closet quickly.

Even when you try to organize them, they will eventually overpower your attempts.

Another closet door idea is to install small length closet rods on your closet door, and then you can hang your heels on them.

If you have more sneakers and boots than heels, then you can grab a shoe organizer pretty cheap, and it will work just as well.

There is a secondary benefit for shoe organizers that doesn’t involve shoes.

Sweaters and other bulky clothing items take up a lot of room in your closet!

You can fold them and stuff them into your shoe organizer if you get one that’s big enough.

No matter how you’re trying to save space in your closet, over-the-door shoe organizers organize more than just shoes – if needed. Check out our favorite over-the-door shoe organizer here.

Closet Organization Tool 6: Give Baskets a Try!

how to organize your closet with baskets

If you’re like most people, you don’t just keep clothes and accessories in your closet. You keep your life in there.

You can clean this up a little bit by using space-saving baskets for all these extra items.

You can always also use baskets for little clothing items like your underwear, socks or pajamas.

Baskets give closets a great look, and hide clothes that are difficult to fold and end up looking a bit messy. Check out our favorite basket for closets here.

Closet Organization Tool 7: Don’t Waste Wall Space – Get Custom Closet Shelving!

custom built shelves for closets

You’d be surprised at how much room your scarves, ties, belts, and other accessories take up if you hang them on the rod with the rest of your clothes.

Instead of using up all of this valuable rod space, use every bit of your wall space first with custom-built shelving.

Hiring a closet designer to draw up the perfect solution for your space not only ensures you really maximize your space, but also increases the value of your home!

Check out our custom shelving with free lifetime warranties here.

Closet Organization Tool 8: Closet Shelf Organizers & Dividers

shelf organizers for closets

Once the Winter season is over, you’ll need a place to put those sweaters that you will no longer be wearing. You can store them under your bed, or you could put them in the top of your closet. This sounds like it could get messy, but if you use shelf organizers, you’ll be fine.

These allow you to keep clothes separate from each other, preventing them from falling over and get tangled amongst each other.

Check out Check out our favorite shelf dividers for closets here. (At under $15, you really can’t go wrong here).

As you contemplate your closet organization ideas after that “clothesvalanche,” consider talking to a professional closet designer to find and build the absolute best systems for organizing your closet.

Although you can buy accessories to help you in this endeavor and try moving things around a little, a closet design company does this day in and day out and will ultimately leave you happier than any organization tool out there.

Looking for more ideas? Use these organization ideas to get you started on a cleaner and less hazardous closet.

Once you get your closet organized, it’s easy to slip back into your old habits. What goes beyond what any tool can do is developing a consistent habit of cleaning things up and keeping it that way. Now go get organized and enjoy your new, less-cluttered life!

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