9 Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Take a look around your home, your bedroom—are you stressed out? A recent study found that 84 percent of Americans feel that their home is unorganized or not clean enough. This disorganization causes stress as this study also found that home organization can be just as stressful as unexpected expenses. 

When was the last time you saw your bedroom floor? After you read these bedroom organization ideas, you’ll look forward to seeing your tidy bedroom!

1. Tackle Your Closet

One of the biggest areas to declutter in your bedroom is your closet. The best way to do this is to downsize your clothing and get rid of things you are hanging onto and most likely will never wear again.

Closets are valuable real estate. It’s time to create piles for your clothing, so you can easily sort what stays and what goes:

9 Bedroom Organization Ideas 1
  • Keep (clothes you wear often)
  • Consign (clothes in good shape so you can earn money)
  • Donate (clothes that are more gently used)
  • Trash (clothes that have stains and no one would likely wear)

After you downsize your clothing, hang up as many items as you can. Use bins for sweaters and jeans. Organizing your closet will maximize your storage space, especially when you get rid of the things you don’t need taking up space.

After you downsize your clothing, hang up as many items as you can. Use bins for sweaters and jeans. Organizing your closet will maximize your storage space, especially when you get rid of the things you don’t need taking up space.

Once everything is organized, make some rules to keep it that way. When you buy a new shirt, you must donate or consign another shirt to keep it from getting out of control again.

2. Utilize Under Your Bed

Get bins to store stuff under your bed. Extra linens, seasonal items, purses, and bags are good items to store in these bins.

It’s now a snap to switch out seasonal items and give your big bulky items a home. Want to be more organized? Put a label on the outside, so you can quickly find items.

3. Make the Most of Your Nightstand

Your nightstand tends to be a catch-all because it’s the last place you interact with before bed. Get a nightstand with drawers to help you have some storage.

Make one of the drawers a charging station for electronics. You just need an outlet nearby. Having your devices in a drawer will give you more space, and help prevent you from creating another junk drawer.

4. Invest in Furniture with Storage

Get a storage ottoman because they are not only beautiful; they are also practical. You can store a few things inside like your slippers.

Along with under your bed, try using the space at the foot of your bed. Get a chest or bench to store your blankets, pillows, or other bulky items.

5. Jewelry Organization Ideas

9 Bedroom Organization Ideas 2

If you need more space than a jewelry box, try sorting jewelry and storing in teacups. Line your drawer with felt or velvet to prevent the cups from rattling or shifting.

You can also use a hanging organizer. Get something that has pockets to prevent items from getting tangled. Seeing your jewelry will help you wear it more.

Feeling crafty? You can also jazz up a shadow box and add knobs and hooks. You can then hang your necklaces and earrings for display.

6. No More Shoe Mound

With proper organization, you can keep your shoes in your closet. You can add metal shoe organizers over your closet door or get a metal rack on the floor. Hang up your boots to keep the shape and maximize space.

Categorize your shoes by color so you can easily find what you want to wear. When you sort your shoes, you can easily see if you have too many tennis shoes so you can donate or get rid of a pair.

7. Put Bedding in Its Place

We talked about adding a bin or a storage bench for bedding, but there are also a few other options. Get a blanket rack if you regularly throw your quilt on the floor.

If you have throw pillows, get some baskets to store them. This gives them a place other than the floor when you are ready for bed or washing your bedding. 

8. Organize Your Dresser

It’s time to tame your dresser and reorganize the contents. Just like you did with your closet, it’s time to get rid of clothing you don’t wear that is taking up real estate.

Then group your items by a category. For example, one drawer can be for tank tops and short-sleeved t-shirts. 

9 Bedroom Organization Ideas 3

Once you determine your drawer category, separate items by dividers. Try rolling your clothes versus folding. This way you can see everything easier and all at once compared to folded stacks.

Roll your socks, and sort by color. Being very specific about your sorting allows you to find things quicker, such as black dressy socks.

Don’t store bulkier items like sweaters in your dresser. They take up a lot of room. You should store these in the bins under your bed or chest at the foot of your bed we mentioned earlier.

Keep the top of your dresser neat, too. Don’t let the top get cluttered because it will help you stay motivated to keep the rest of the dresser orderly.

9. Create an Area for Reading or Relaxing

If you have a reading chair, don’t let it disappear under your clothing. By creating a proper reading spot, you will want to keep it clean.

Find a comfortable chair, if you don’t already have one, put a side table beside it to store your books and keep them off the floor. 

For magazines, get a rack to put by the chair so they don’t clutter the table space. If you read in bed, you can get a small bookcase for your nightstand or a book organizer that hangs off the side of your mattress. 

Ready to Attack These Bedroom Organization Ideas?

Don’t let your cluttered bedroom stress you out. Use these bedroom organization ideas to help you have the clean and tidy bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Want more ideas? Take a look at our blog for organization tips or contact us to get a free design consultation to maximize your closet space.

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