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Closet accessories are our best tool for giving your whole inventory its own special place. By making use of shoe racks, jewelry trays, belt racks, and more, we can maximize your closet efficiency in ways you can only imagine.


The Perfect Fit

For many people, the most challenging part of organizing a closet is figuring out how to deal with the belongings that can’t be hung or folded. As an example, shoes can be placed on the floor, but that quickly becomes a disaster.

When you work with your designer to build the closet of your dreams, they will take a detailed inventory of all your items and help you create the perfect fit for everything. Belts, ties, jewelry, handbags, and just about anything else can have a place made just for it.

custom closets for perfect fit

The Right Tools For the Job

Our innovative home office designs allow you to create a space that isn’t just functional but reflects your personality and your home’s decor. We’ve helped many clients build stylish home offices that are a truly stunning. If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.

With a variety of materials, components, finishes, and accessories, we can help you build a place the perfect space for your work and your tastes. With custom bookshelves, desks, flooring, and more, your office’s potential is limited only by the imagination.

Shoe Racks

Every closet that houses shoes benefits from having a shoe rack. Giving each pair a unique place makes keeping a neat shoe collection seamless. Rather than digging through a pile looking for the right pair to go with your outfit, you’ll have them all displayed and easy to access.

We can hand-make shoe racks to fit your inventory precisely, and can even turn it into a stylish feature of your closet. With a variety of materials and finishes, it’s only up to your imagination.

closet accessories with shoe racks
closet accessories with pants rack

Pants Rack

Hang all of your pants neatly and stop worrying about creases from folding or changing out the hangers to keep their grip. We have specially designed pants racks that are a permanent feature of your closet, keep the pants in place, and never have to be changed.

Jewelry Tray

Why not keep your jewelry in the closet where you can see it while picking your outfit? We can keep your whole inventory of jewelry organized and right where you need it most without being in the way.

closet accessories with jewelry tray
closet accessories with baskets


Store all of those miscellaneous items that just don’t have a place without cluttering your closet or becoming an eyesore. We have a variety of decorative baskets and bins that will help put the finishing touch on your wardrobe and keep your small items out of sight yet easy to find.


All The Small Things

Getting your closet under control is about crafting a unique space for every item, no matter how small. With your creativity and our inventory of innovative closet systems and accessories, we make the perfect partnership to get your storage on track to be the place you’ve always wanted it to be.

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