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Work With a Custom Closet Designer in Alexandria

180 Closet Design partners with homeowners in the Alexandria area to help transform their closets into functional, organized, and stylish places. The truth is, most closets aren’t built with the unique needs of the homeowner in mind.

Each of us has a unique life and lifestyle, and the storage areas in our homes should reflect that. Think about it this way; would a banker, an athlete, and a musician all have the same closet?

Your closet should reflect your lifestyle. Give us a call today to talk about how your closets could be achieving so much more.

It's Time To Remodel & Reimagine Your Closets' Potential

We help homeowners reimagine their closets through a simple, collaborative process. Just give us a call, and one of our designers will visit your home, take measurements, and work with you to start designing the perfect closet. Best of all, all of this is free. Why not at least explore the options with a professional? 

Custom Reach in Closets

Reach-in Closet Design in Alexandria

Reach-closets can be the most frustrating spaces in our homes. Because of their small size, it can feel like it’s impossible to store everything you need to and still keep it neat and organized.

We help homeowners maximize their reach-in closets by optimizing every available inch. By taking an inventory of your items and designing the space to accommodate them, we can create a spacious, accommodating reach-in.

Walk In Closets

Custom Walk-in Closet Remodels in Alexandria

Our walk-ins are the defining storage areas of our homes, and storage never goes out of style. Because our walk-ins give us the most space to work with, there’s almost no limit to what we can do to create the perfect space for your wardrobe.

Work with a professional designer today and find out how a customized walk-in closet can streamline your morning routine and enhance your household.

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Alexandria Custom Walk-in Closet Design

Custom Walk In Closets in Alexandria Start your day with …

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Custom Kids' Closets

Custom Kids' Closets

Every parent knows that a child’s room can become chaotic quickly. When designing kids’ closets, we aim to give them a space that makes keeping organized seem natural. People, even young ones, are naturally drawn to staying organized, but without the proper systems in place, we’ll settle for stuffing everything in a closet.

Kids’ closets also need to be designed so that they can grow with the child. Using flexible and modular design concepts, we can ensure that they have a closet they never outgrow.

Linen Closet Shelving

Home Storage Spaces

There are several storage spaces in our homes that often get neglected. These include pantries, linen closets, garages, and more.

You might be surprised just how much improving these smaller areas can enhance your household. An organized linen closet makes preparing for guests a breeze. An organized pantry makes dinner time a less stressful experience.

Let’s Work Together to Transform Your Home

If you’re ready to take back control of your home by reimagining your closets and other storage areas, you can get started for free today. Just give us a call, and one of our design experts will come to your home and begin drafting the perfect plan.

By taking into account your needs and wardrobe, you’ll work together to design the perfect solution for your household. If you like the final design, all you have to do is let us build it.

Not in Alexandria? No problem! 180 Closet Design services other areas including: Burke, Great Falls, McLean, Reston, and Tysons

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