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Building Your Walk-in Closet

Life is busy. Organization often goes by the wayside when you’re juggling work, classes, workouts, social events, hobbies, family schedules, pets’ needs, and caring for your home, in addition to getting some much-needed downtime. Not being able to find clothing or accessory items adds to that constant stress, but customized walk-in closets can make a huge difference.

180 Closet Design creates made-to-order floor plans that fit everything you need in a walk-in. You may need to hang up or store clothing in drawers, set shoes and other items on shelves, or store jewelry and accessories. You might also need spots to keep hobby gear, keep mementos safe, or separate your dirty laundry from clean items.

Our design professionals will create a space that exceeds your expectations. Give us a call to get your walk-in closet organized today.  

Why Get a Custom Walk in Closet for my home in Alexandria?

Your needs are unique, and your walk-in closet should be a command center that reflects them. It should be designed to fit your unique style and the finishes you prefer, creating an oasis for your clothing, accessories, and daily essentials.

We design custom closets through a collaborative process. One of our designers will come to your home to discuss your budget, scope, and needs. He or she will walk the space with you, and consider how much space you’d like to devote to:

Hanging Rods

Maximize space and keep clothing wrinkle-free with appropriately placed and intelligently used bars for hanging items. Varying heights will allow you to use all the vertical room available, too.

Shoe Racks

Some people need plenty of space to display their shoe collections. Whether you’ve got five pairs or 30, racks and other shoe storage will keep your footwear organized and save you time looking for two that match.


Belts, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous items all need areas of their own to ensure they’re easy to find and use.


Fold items whenever possible and store them away, keeping your closet filled with clean lines and keeping things off the floors.


From handbags and accessory holders to mementos and sweaters, shelves can hold just about any item. Consider baskets for extra odds and ends.

You’ll also talk about flooring, finishes, lighting, deep storage options, and other walk-in closet needs.

Next, our team of craftsmen will create every item to your closet’s exact specifications, ensuring each is custom-built to fit perfectly. Installation requires less than one day once your elements are ready to go, meaning we’ll be in and out of your home in no time.

Give Our Walk-in Closet Experts a Call

If you’re ready to get the custom walk-in closet of your dreams, give 180 Closet Design a call. We’ll schedule one of our expert designers to come to your home and learn your vision, walking the space with you to discuss your budget, finishes, and more. Our craftsmen are ready to build everything you need to keep your apparel and accessories organized, helping you prepare to handle anything that comes your way.

Not located in Alexandria? We service other regions including: Tysons Corner, Reston, Great Falls, Burke, and McLean.

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