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Convert Your Spare Bedroom into a Dream Closet

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Let's Turn Your Bedroom Into a Walk in Closet

If you’ve browsed Pinterest or various home design blogs, you’ve likely come across these huge, luxurious closets that look like they are right out of a celebrity mansion. You might think, “if only I had the space to have a closet like that…”

Well, if you have a spare bedroom you aren’t using, you do have space! You just have to imagine it, and the experts here at 180 Closet Design can help you draft a plan and create the components. From luxurious cabinets to closet islands, when you have a whole bedroom worth of space to work with, your dream closet is well within reach. We’ve just gotta work together to create it!

Have a Small Room? Convert it Into a Large Closet!

If you aren’t using a spare bedroom, why not transform it into something wonderful for your home? Unused or underused bedrooms tend to become gathering places for all your mismatched and miscellaneous items anyway, let’s turn it into a deluxe and luxurious walk-in closet. We’ll help you bring your home new functionality, give purpose to a room that is being wasted, and create something that is the highlight of your household.

An old guest room, nursery, office, or gym that’s just collecting dust can be transformed into something that will bring value to your house every single day.

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turning a bedroom to walk-in closets

Bedroom to Closet - A Canvas for Creativity

The most exciting part of converting your unused bedroom into an expansive master closet is it gives you almost unlimited creative freedom over the space. While we can use clever design concepts to create stylish and functional small closets, a bedroom is a blank canvas with almost no limitations.

By working with one of our designers, you can select features and finishes that will enhance your quality of life and bring out your style. With custom made to order components, shelving, rods, cabinets, islands, countertops, and storage systems, all you have to do is imagine the possibilities for your custom closet design.

Convert Your Spare Room into a Closet - The Next Chapter

Our most popular customers for bedroom conversions are those who have moved into a new chapter of their life and are trying to redesign their home to accommodate their new lifestyle. Whether your children have left home, you’re getting married and wondering how you could possibly share your closet, or a new career is opening up new opportunities, we can adapt your home to your needs.

No matter the reason, we can take a room you aren’t using and tailor the space to achieve your goals. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a dime to start planning and designing your luxurious new walk-in closet. Give us a call and we’ll send an expert closet designer to take your measurements and discuss your ideas. You can even get started today!

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No Matter The Size, We'll Make It Work

We can even work with the bedroom’s existing features to create intuitive and stylish designs. As an example, an existing reach-in closet is pretty mundane in a bedroom. In your new walk-in closet, it can become a luxurious vanity or desk nook. There is endless potential to be explored!

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