Which Closet Is Best Suited For Your Climate? Find Out Why More People Are Getting Custom Closets Than Ever Before

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Spring brings with it a desire to improve things around the house. A lot of us participate in spring cleaning, and some of us may get out and dig up gardens. Sometimes, though, the changes we want to make for spring are a little more drastic.

You may be looking through your clothes while you’re spring cleaning and thinking that you’d really like a better space to store your clothes. Closets tend to be designed the same when wardrobes vary a lot depending on what the weather is like where you live. Read on to learn about the benefits of custom-designed closets to suit your climate. 

Fit Your Organizational Needs

Everyone’s wardrobe needs are a little different depending on what you do for a living, how you like to live your life, and where you live. Some people may only need a few dozen core pieces to make up a full wardrobe. Others may need lots of different pieces ranging from casual or sport wear to business and black tie formal.

Which Closet Is Best Suited For Your Climate? Find Out Why More People Are Getting Custom Closets Than Ever Before 1

Of course, climate can also be a big influence on how much closet space you need and what kind. If you live somewhere cold, your closet should have lots of shelving for bulky sweaters and warm accessories. But if you live somewhere warmer, you may need more hanging space for dress shirts and cooler outfits. 

Make the Best Use of Your Space

In general, most of us don’t ever have enough closet space. We always find ourselves cramming a last pair of socks into an over-stuffed drawer or shoving a hanger onto a rod bending with the weight of too many clothes. Having a custom closet can help you avoid overstuffed storage by making the best use of your space

As we mentioned, what kind of closet space you need depends on what kind of wardrobe you have. If you have a bulkier wardrobe, you can trade out unneeded rod space for cubbies, shelves, and drawers. But if you have mostly hanging items, you can create more hanging space with shelves placed below them for accessories.

Which Closet Is Best Suited For Your Climate? Find Out Why More People Are Getting Custom Closets Than Ever Before 2

Use the Right Lighting

One great advantage of a custom closet is the ability to set up your lighting to suit your needs. You have a beautiful wardrobe, and you should be able to see all of it. Nothing is worse than squinting as you dig through a poorly-lit closet looking for that one certain black shirt.

With custom lighting design, you can see all your clothes as they were meant to be displayed. 

You can add spotlights to cover shelves and put recessed lighting in to show off clothes hanging on rods. Turn your closet into a runway with the right lighting scheme.

Get a Unique Design

Cookie cutter houses have become the norm in America, and it’s easy to see why. Rather than custom-designing each house, you can pay the architectural fees once and then stand up a bunch of identical homes. But the downside is that, well, your space looks just like all your neighbors’.

Custom closet designs can help you personalize your home to make it fit your needs and stand out from your neighbors. Working with a professional closet designer is probably a good idea if you plan to go this route. They can help you find the perfect balance between a space with a unique flair and one that will be functional.

Create Something That Will Last for Years

These days, it seems like everything is made to be thrown away. From cell phones to even pieces of our homes, nothing is made to last anymore. And if you’re going to have a custom closet designed, you want to make sure it’s something you can use for years.

Which Closet Is Best Suited For Your Climate? Find Out Why More People Are Getting Custom Closets Than Ever Before 3

Luckily, custom construction is built to stand up to use, so you can count on your custom closet holding up under all your sweaters. Pick materials that suit your needs, whatever those may be, and work with your designer and builder to create something you love. You can feel confident that it will last far beyond your time in the house.

Express Your Style

Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” A good wardrobe does that, and your closet should be an extension of that communication.

Do you have a light, casual vibe that’s beach-ready all the time? Design a closet that features lots of hanging space, light colors, and a light wood floor to create an open, airy vibe. 

Are you more about dark, rich colors for clothes that keep you cozy all winter long? Bring that look into your closet with elegant dark wood, a thick carpet, and plenty of luxurious beauty.

Your closet should express as much about you as your wardrobe does, and a custom design can do that.

Which Closet Is Best Suited For Your Climate? Find Out Why More People Are Getting Custom Closets Than Ever Before 4

Increase Your Home Value

Of course, any time we’re doing a home renovation, our minds tend to drift to what this will do for the resale value of the home. We’re investing the money in this project, and while it will certainly improve day-to-day quality of life, we want to know that we’ll get something back from that investment. A custom closet will help increase your home value, letting you reap the benefits long after the sawdust settles.

Closet space is one of the big-ticket items on potential buyers’ lists. Everyone wants to know that they’ll have someplace to put their things, and that’s where custom closets come in. People moving to your area are going to have similar wardrobes to you, and having a space that’s custom-designed for those needs will give your house a lot more value.

Get Closets to Suit Your Climate

Having custom-designed closets to suit your climate can be a great addition to your home. It’s something that will make a difference in your life every day, and it’s a change that will bring benefits for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about custom closet design, check out the rest of our website at 180 Closet Design. We have a team of home organization and storage professionals waiting to help you get your dream closet today. Contact us for a free consultation on your closet design.

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