What Is a Reach-In Closet? The Best Design Examples for 2019

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Is your closet a mess?

Have you ever been too embarrassed to open your closet doors in front of your loved ones?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! The reach-in closet is changing the game.

There are so many easy, fun, and affordable ways to get your closet less cluttered, easier to access, and more presentable. Let’s talk about them.

Simple Strategies for Custom Closet Organization

Most of us have a coat rack and a bunch of floor spaces in our closets, right?

That can go a long way, but many of us wind up throwing some of our clothes or other belongings on the floor. (Not pointing fingers, college kids!)

With that kind of space, there is still a lot that you can do with it, including:

  • Building shelves – This is very helpful for making your belongings more visible, and easy to access.
  • Building drawers – Keep everything concealed and easily accessible, while getting that giant dresser out of the way.
  • Stacking boxes – This is great when you use your closet for storage of photos, old trophies, etc.
  • Rolling carts – These are super handy for ease of access. Just tuck them under a shelf or your nice shirts and pull them out!
  • Totes – These can be a little easier than boxes to instantly recognize right away since they typically come in various colors.
What Is a Reach-In Closet? The Best Design Examples for 2019 1

Honestly, get creative! It’s called a custom closet for a reason. We have installed rock climbing walls in closets before, so whatever fits in your space that is best for you, we can help!

We service several areas in Northern Virginia. Check out our local areas at McLean, Tysons, Annandale, Alexandria, Great Falls, and Reston.

So we discussed some simple organization techniques, so what else is there to do? Let us tell you, there is plenty.

What is a Custom Reach-in Closet?

A reach-in closet is the best way to utilize a small or limited closet space.

They are the perfect blend of function, design and aesthetic.

What Is a Reach-In Closet? The Best Design Examples for 2019 2

Reach-in closet systems add a nice flair to the room while providing the same functions as a walk-in closet.

A reach-in closet can have shelves, mirrors, drawers, shirt racks, and a lot more, all within arm’s reach. Get all the benefits of organization without ever stepping out of the room!

We can also make them look a lot better than a couple of sliding doors! You can have your organized belongings, like your books and photos, on display with some nice glass doors or an open frame.

With our services, your small closet can fit a lot more than you would think with just some proper design, organization and some creativity.

So you might be asking: “Why do I need this? I’ve gotten along fine with my messy closet.” Well, let’s look over the benefits.

8 Reasons Organizing Your Closet Can Improve Your Home and Your Life

There are plenty of reasons keeping a clean house can improve your life. From ease of access, reducing health risks, and a happier lifestyle.

Let’s talk about how our closets can play a role in that.

1. Saving Time

When you first wake up in the morning to get ready for work, what is the last thing that you want to do?

For many of us, it would be running all over the room to find our belts, socks, shirts, the right pair of shoes, and then start getting ready to leave.

Most of us don’t have a big walk-in closet that has all of our items laid out for us, so making the most of your space can save you a lot of hassle and time in the morning.

2. Deterring Stress

A clean home is a clean mind.

Keep your closet organized and your mind at ease!

Nothing is more stressful than a messy place, especially when you have company.

3. Aesthetics

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all care about our appearances.

When people come into our homes, we want everything to look presentable. A reach-in closet not only organizes the room but can add a really nice appeal by showing off your organized closet spaces.

4. Promoting Organizational Skills

custom closet design bare design no clothes

Every job, along with most responsibilities and hobbies in your life, can benefit from organizational skills.

It’s hard to understate the importance of these skills in work life, as well as financial management.

Keeping your closet nice and tidy is a great first step if you struggle with this. A clean closet trickles to become a cleaner room, which translates to a cleaner house, and even to a more well-managed and organized lifestyle.

It all starts somewhere!

5. Saving Money on Clothes

There is a huge spike in clothing sales every time the seasons change.

An easy way to save money is by organizing your closet first, and buying clothes second! You’d be surprised at what you find.

6. Eliminating Clutter

According to The Cut, the average person only wears about 20% of the clothes in their closets. Selling or donating your unused clothes can lead to peace of mind, and the satisfaction of knowing those clothes will be put to better use.

7. Cleaning Up Might Lead to Some Luck

Have you ever reached a season change and found a $20 bill in your favorite shorts or winter coat?

While taking everything out of your closet or home and looking through it all before making your dream reach-in closet could lead you to reminisce with old photos or find something from your earlier years that will put a smile on your face.

8. Fitting Your Style

As we mentioned before, your closet can fit all of your needs, as well as your clothes!

Imagine seeing what you need right away, having “His & Hers” sides of your closet, more space in your room, being able to find everything you need right away, and personal flair that’s all yours. It’s a dream come true.

How Can I Get Started?

With some techniques we discussed earlier, there are ways that you can start organizing and cleaning up to make your closet space better.

With limited closet space though, it may be best to call in the professionals to give you the custom reach-in closet design that fits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a creative and fun closet idea, or just an easier way to keep your clothes organized, we have your back.

Worried about price? Check out our custom closet pricing, and contact us for more information and a free design consultation!

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