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Garage Organization

Your garage might seem like just a covered parking spot, but it can be so much more. It’s not just where your car rests when it isn’t out on the road, but the place where you and your family store gear for your most treasured hobbies, explore your passions, keep your out-of-season holiday decorations safe and protect your keepsakes and memories. Give your important — and often expensive — gear and precious items the respect they deserve with a customized garage organization system tailored specifically to your family’s needs and minimize your clutter in the process.

Our expert designers and craftsmen will help you declutter, overhaul your garage and maximize your space. Call for a free design consultation today.

Customized for Your Garage Storage & Organization Needs

Every home has its specific needs. Only you can know for sure what your family needs from a garage organization system. Grabbing shelves and a few baskets from the local hardware store might not be enough. Our seasoned designers work with you to create a customized space that accounts for everything your family is into, from cabinets to store decorations and gear to places to hang tools and everything in between. Best of all, your space can be customized to fit your tastes, from practical or fun to multifunctional or luxurious.

Our designers and builders are ready to help you take your garage space from an afterthought to a focal feature, from a cluttered space to one that keeps everything organized and ready for your next big adventure.

A Space Designed Specifically for You

Garage spaces take on a lot of forms these days, and their focuses depend on the people who need them. Maybe your garage doubles as a gym or workbench, or maybe it needs to have a mudroom corner for your family’s coats and shoes.

You might need to be able to store holiday decorations, camping gear, sports equipment and mountain bikes, or maybe you need a safe, secure place to keep keepsakes like heirlooms and photographs safe from rodents and the elements. Whatever you need from your garage, we’ve got the tools — and the team — to make your vision a reality.

Garage Storage for outdoor hobby equipment

Make Your Garage an Extension of Your Home

While many homes have barebones garages, our team of expert designers and craftsmen are ready to make yours a true part of your home. We make intelligent use of the entire space — walls, floors, and even ceilings — to ensure you get rid of the cutter and get the most out of the area.

Choose from a wide array of finishes, colors, cabinet styles, storage solutions, design techniques, layouts, and more to make your garage fit in with the rest of your décor, or opt to make it completely unique. Whatever your vision, 180 Closet Design is ready to help you bring your garage storage ideas to life.

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Burke Area Garage Design to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Customized storage to protect and organize your gear, hobbies, passions and precious heirlooms doesn’t have to break the bank. Our design team will come to your home and help you envision what you need from your garage, ensuring our builders create a solution that compliments your lifestyle — and all within your budget. The consultation is free, and our wide range of options for design and materials means we can keep costs wherever you’d like them.

We guarantee we can help you create a garage organization system that fits everything you need. Give us a call today to set up your free, in-home garage design consultation.

Interested in a custom walk-in or reach-in closet? We service Burke for beautiful custom-made closets as well!

Not in Burke? We service: Reston, Great Falls, Tysons Corner, McLean, and Alexandria!

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