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180 closet design is a home improvement designer specializing in custom closet designs. Our walk-ins are the defining storage areas of our homes. They provide enough space to really get creative and design storage solutions that are both functional and elegantly appointed.

We help homeowners achieve this by providing them with their very own closet design expert to help them design, customize, and install the closet of their dreams. Here’s how it works.

Work With a Professional Designer From Start to Finish

We offer a simple collaborative process that begins with a phone call and ends with giving your home a stunning new feature.

To get started, all you have to do is get in touch. You can fill out our contact form above and we’ll call you back soon. Or, just give us a ring. We’ll be happy to get a conversation started. Over the phone, we’ll discuss your vision and schedule a free consultation.

For the consultation, one of our closet design experts will visit with you at your home. Here you can discuss your dream more thoroughly. Working with your designer, you can lay out your design goals, discuss various options, accessories, and finishes, and ultimately draw up the perfect design plan.

Once you’re happy with the design, all you’ve got to do is let us build it. Our master craftsmen will get to work hand-making your custom components precisely to your measurements. Once everything is ready, it doesn’t even take a full day to install it for the majority of projects.

Once installed, you’ll have a beautiful custom walk-in that was designed specifically for you. No more disorganized mess, just a delightful, tailor-made system created by you, for you.

Ready to get started? It doesn’t cost a thing!

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Walk-In Designs Made For You, By You

Your closet is a reflection of your lifestyle. You need a wardrobe that’s made specially to accommodate yours.

Think about it this way. Would a young professional, a marathon runner, and a concert pianist have the same closet? So why do builders make them all the same?

Each of us has unique needs when it comes to our home organization and storage. We want to work with you to turn yours into what you’ve always dreamed it could be. Do you need to store a wide variety of athletic gear? Need a system that displays your suits in a way that simplifies your morning routine?

Whatever your needs, we can work together to find solutions that make your closet work for you, not the other way around.

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Your Closet, Your Style

Custom-designed walk-ins provide homeowners the unique opportunity to create a closet that reflects the overall style and character of their home. With many individual components, accessories, and finishes to choose from, you can design a closet that integrates seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic. Many homes are absolutely gorgeous, but the storage areas are dull drywall with a rod and hook.

Not only is this system inefficient in organizing your wardrobe, but it’s also just plain boring!

Why not create a unique space made especially for you and your things?

Our closets reflect our lifestyle. Each of us is unique, so why would some cookie-cutter closet be able to serve your needs?

Let’s work together to build a closet that’s the highlight of your home. A defining feature that carries your style, your personality, and allows you to live the life you want without leaving a disorganized mess in your wake.

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A Command Center for Home Organization

When your closet’s a wreck, you can feel it throughout the whole house. It becomes difficult to keep clutter under control when it doesn’t have a natural place to go. Without a system that really works, all you’re ever doing is moving it around. It’s time to take back control over your home’s organization.

By customizing your walk-in closet to fit everything it needs to while keeping it all organized, keeping the entire house clutter-free becomes a breeze. When you need to pick up, everything has its very own place, because you specifically designed it that way. It’s a unique and accommodating hub for all your organization needs.

180 Closet Designs also designs spectacular garage organization systems in Burke as well! Visit our Custom Garage System page to get started with your garage project.

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Your Blank Canvas

The best part of designing your custom walk-in? Whether it’s large or small, it’s full of unrealized potential. The options you have to tailor it to be precisely what you want are limitless. If you wish to create a relaxing space where you can try on outfits, or a high-functioning space that gets you in and out as quick as possible in the morning, we can design the perfect system for you. And while we do it, we can make it match any style you can think of.

Like an artist with a blank canvas or a sculptor with a fresh block, you have an opportunity to create anything you can imagine. Our designers can help you refine that vision, and be the tool you need to bring it life.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re a homeowner in Burke, we want to work with you to elevate your home’s appeal by giving it customized storage that eliminates your home’s organizational challenges by meeting them head-on. And achieving all that in a stylish package that adds a genuine “wow” factor.

The best part is, it doesn’t cost anything to get started. All we need you do is to design your dream closet is get in touch. It doesn’t cost a thing!

Just click the button below, and we’ll put you in touch with an expert home design specialists. You can discuss your vision and come up with an actionable plan to transform your home by giving it a custom walk-in closet.

Not in Burke? We serve other areas as well including: Great Falls, Reston, Tysons Corner, McLean, and Alexandria!

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