Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration

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Awesome Closets to Get Inspired by Today!

If you are starting to consider getting a closet redesign then you have probably spent lots of time looking at pictures of great closet designs and letting those inspire you.

Listed below are some of our favorite celebrity closets, but we want to go a step farther and also discuss what exactly it is about this closet design that works so well, as well as ways to implement those strategies for your own custom closet!

180 Closet Design has been designing closets (and all kinds of in-home organization systems) in Northern Virginia for 10 years now, and we know a thing or two about best practice when it comes to closets.

Allow us to take you on a tour through some great ideas that can take your closet to the next level.

Ralph Lauren

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 1
Photo from Architectural Digest

This Ralph Lauren closet feel surprisingly no-nonsense for such a high-end designer. It almost feels like you are in the closet in a traditional country estate, not of a modern designer who dominates the fashion world. However, this just goes to show that he found success by continuing to surround himself with what truly inspired him!  

The Takeaway

The only rules you need to follow are the ones that excite you! You don’t have to push yourself for an ultra sleek, modern closet design if you don’t want to — your closet can be an escape into your own little world, a boudoir of sorts.

If it’s your own world, it needs to be a perfect fit for you.

Mariah Carrey

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 2
Getty; Courtesy Mariah Carey

This iconic Mariah Carrey closet has been internet drooling fodder for years now! The color scheme and the setup are so luxurious that it feels unreal, movie-like, and sooo enviable.

The Takeaway

Treat Your Closet like a boutique you are going shopping in! The way you treat your clothes, shoes, and accessories will change how you feel about them – so if you give yourself a palatial space that elevates your belongings, you will feel like your collection is more valuable and you will see more potential in each piece!

Mariah shows us that the way we treat our clothing items will dictate how we feel about them — so the better we treat them the more they will mean to us!

Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 3
Photo from Architectural Digest

One thing we love about Khloe’s closet is her island in the middle where she gets to show off some of her most luxe and exciting pieces!

The Takeaway

Make a spot for all of your favorite things! Do you have bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc that give more joy than all the rest? Make room for them! If you can’t fit an island, find a place that allows you to have all of your favorite go-to’s in one spot!  

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 4
Photo from Coveteur

Rosie’s space feels timeless and classic, perfect for relaxing and treating her closet as a safe haven away from everything else! Trying on outfits must feel like a fun activity for her, not a hurried chore to be done in a crunch!  

The Takeaway :

Leave yourself some room to relax! Even if you don’t have an entire room to convert into a closet, you might be able to put down a nice chair and matching cushion, maybe a tiny table to put a drink down on.

Maybe you can’t fit these in your closet but you can put it right outside of the door. Whatever it takes! You have the power to turn your closet into an inviting, relaxing place. Getting dressed in the morning can be a treat, not another source of stress! It’s all about how you approach it.

Carrie Bradshaw

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 5
Photographer: Craig Blankenhorn, courtesy of Elledecor

So, Carrie Bradshaw obviously isn’t a real celebrity, but her character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has become almost famous enough to be considered one.

This iconic closet from the recent film series has all of the things that make closets great: a light and luxurious feel, glass display elements for easy access and highlighting pieces, and importantly: a sectional for tossing clothes onto while trying them on.

The Takeaway

Your closet isn’t just a place for clothing storage! You need a place to sit, sure, like Rosie taught us, but you also need a place to toss the clothes that you are trying on.

Studies have found that the average woman spends as much as 4 months of her entire life just choosing what to wear.

You don’t need to feel guilty about making a “mess” while picking out clothes if you have intentionally set aside space for that overflow! It makes it easier to clean up later, yes, but it also just feels kind of luxurious to have a cushioned bench or an ottoman near your closet and mirror for tossing aside this dress and that pair of shoes.

CC Sabathia

Celebrity Walk-In Closets to Use As Inspiration 6
Photo from Architectural Digest

Baseball play CC Sabathia has quite a shoe collection to take care of! This ultra-masculine space shows us what good lighting and intentional display can look like when done with style.

The Takeaway

This closet is a great example of what modern masculinity can look like in closet design. While of course such elements are not restricted to men’s closets only, we can see that if you want to design a closet for a man, this definitely works.

The key here is display. Let your collection of watches, shoes, ties, suits, etc speak for itself! Highlight it with glass-doored cabinetry and display cases, custom lighting, etc.

Walking into a closet like this will make you feel like a millionaire — and some would argue that this will make you act like a millionaire too. It’s about treating yourself and your collection well so that it can treat you well in return. Appreciate what you have to get the most out of it!  

Custom Closet Designs in Northern Virginia

Are you dreaming of putting together the perfect closet? Do you long for a chance to luxuriate among display cases of your favorite dresses, jewelry, bags?

Do you want to open your closet doors and feel the delight of stepping into your own private little world?

Then it’s time to call us here at 180 Closet Design. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and finding solutions to fit your budget and your needs is what we do best.

Call us today for a free consultation!

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