5 Savvy Questions to Ask a Closet Designer Before a Remodel

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Are you looking to expand the size of your closet because it’s too small?

Or maybe you’re looking to build upon the clouds of your dreams, and hire the perfect closet designer. Before beginning a closet remodel, take the time to think about what fits all of your essential needs. 

You’ll want to find the perfect fit for your space- no matter what you’re looking for.  

You need a closet designer that’ll help you sort through the jungle of closet system options out there, and that’ll help you find your dream closet

Plus, your designer needs to make sure that your remodel isn’t only perfect for what your unique needs are, but that it’s also cost-effective. Finding the ideal closet designer can be tricky.

That’s why today, we created a complete guide with five questions to ask a closet designer before beginning a closet remodel.

Are you interested in learning about the most important questions to ask before starting a project? Keep reading to learn more!

What’s Involved in the Entire Process of a Closet Remodel?

The first meeting that you have with your closet designer should include information about what you’re looking to achieve with your closet remodel. However, for the first consultation that you have with the closet designer, you should ask him or her what’s involved in the entire process of a remodel.

The information the closet designer provides you with should include five things.

1. The time it takes from your consultation to get started.

2. How long it’s going to take to get the closet design approved.

3.what time frame, you should expect to wait for any changes that are made to design.

4. Ordering, manufacturing, and delivery time.

5. The installation of everything required for the remodeling.

Now let’s dive into some more in-depth questions.

Does Your Company Offer Warranties?

Some custom closet companies offer limited warranties. You should make sure that the company that you’re planning on working with does offer a warranty on the space that you’re planning to remodel.

Also, you should ask the designer that you’re working with what the warranty covers. 

A closet designer that’s worth your investment will have their products backed by a lifetime product warranty. 

Before investing all of your money into a closet remodel, make sure that there’s a warranty in place protecting your investments. This way, you will rest happy, knowing you have a long-lasting investment.  

Is There Versatility in Your Designs?

If your needs change over time, purchasing a custom closet system that has the ability for you to make changes, later on, will ensure that the design you choose grows with your lifestyle. You should ask your closet designer if the system that they’re planning on installing for your closet remodel is versatile.

Adding things such as shelves, basket, more drawers, and even an ironing board in a room or options that you can decide to add later on. However, you should make sure that the remodeling design that your closet designer is choosing allows you to increase the versatility of the room at a later date.

How Do You Make Sure Your closet remodel Stays in Budget?

As you’re going through and planning your dream closet design with your closet designer, you must stick to the budget that you have. It could be extremely disappointing to plan out your dream closet and way to discover that you can’t afford the vision that you had.

That’s why you should freely ask your closet designer how to help you stay inside of the budget that you’ve created. One way that a current closet designer can help you do this is by developing a design concept with you.

The design concepts can be put together by walking in your closet. Conduct a solid walkthrough with your closet designer. Next, talk about the spaces that you appreciate inside your closet and the spaces that you’re looking to change and expand upon.

You two can talk about how much space you have to work with, and any materials that you’re interested in adding to the closet, such as extra shelves, rods, or tables. Doing this will help to provide your designer with an exact idea of what you’re looking to accomplish with your remodel. It can also hint towards how the designer can stay in budget by delivering precisely what you need.

What Flaws Does Your Designer See in Your Closet?

You use your closet every day, so you have an idea of the obvious flaws that are in the current design of the closet. However, you may not be aware of the problems that you don’t see because you have had the time to think outside the box with your current design plan.

For example, could that extra gab at the top of your shelf be re-purposed to add a set of drawers or even another shelf? Could you double up on your rod placement to make an extra road to hang your shirts?

Asking your closet designer about the flaws that they see in your closet can help you to spot hidden organization and storage opportunities that you aren’t necessarily seeing. This can help you to completely re-formulate your original closet remodel design to get the most Storage capacity out of your closet as you possibly can.

Your Dream Closet Remodel

If you’re ready to build a closet of your dreams, you must make sure your closet designers on the same page as you are. Before starting a closet remodel, ask your designer the above list of questions so you can get a better understanding of how they can make your dream closet come true.

Are you interested in finding a custom closet design that’ll help your dream closet become a reality? Click here to contact us today!

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