Need A Boost In Home Value? You Would Be Shocked At The Value Closets Can Provide

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More than 50 percent of all homeowners have plans to undergo a renovation at some point in the next year.

Are you part of this group? Are you unsure of which renovations will add the most value to your home?

There are a lot of different ways you can update your home to increase its value. One of the best steps to take, though, is to invest in a custom closet.

A new closet might not seem as appealing as a brand new kitchen or in-ground pool. The truth, though, is that custom closets provide home value. A lot of home value.

Read on to learn more about the importance of adding a custom closet to your home.

Why do Closets Provide Home Value?

What makes custom closets so special? Why are people willing to pay more money for a home that includes a custom closet?

There are a number of benefits that come with adding a custom closet to your home, including the following:

  • Custom closets allow you to consider an unfinished room a bedroom
  • Custom closets provide you with additional storage space, which is hugely appealing to homebuyers
Need A Boost In Home Value? You Would Be Shocked At The Value Closets Can Provide 1
  • Custom closets show that you take pride in your home and have done a good job of maintaining it
  • Custom closets make your bedrooms look nicer and more aesthetically pleasing
  • Custom closets reduce clutter, which is a major turnoff to homebuyers

With all these great benefits in mind, why wouldn’t you want to invest in a custom closet for your home?

Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, you can still reap the benefits of additional storage space, less clutter, and a nicer-looking home.

Additional Custom Closet Benefits

Still not fully sold on the idea of a custom closet? These other benefits might seal the deal:

  • Easier decision-making and increased productivity
  • Reduced feelings of stress
  • Reflect your personal style and preference
  • Give your home a luxurious vibe

Custom closets also help you to see clearly everything you own. This helps you avoid accidentally buying the same item twice because you couldn’t find it or forgot you had it.

Modern Wooden Wardrobe With Clothes Hanging On Rail In Walk In C

Designing a Custom Closet for Your Home

At this point, you’re probably starting to warm up to the idea of adding a custom closet to your home. How do you go about designing one, though?

The process of designing a custom closet is easier than you might have initially thought. Follow these steps and you’ll have an eye-catching custom closet that meets your needs and preferences in no time:

Think About Your Needs

Before you do anything else, think about what you need from your closet.

How much space do you need to fit your clothing and other belongings comfortably? Are you willing to sacrifice space in your bedroom to get a bigger closet, or do you want to keep the dimensions the same?

It may be tempting to build a massive closet in your bedroom. But, if your closet is too big, you may end up filling it with more stuff you don’t need. This isn’t great if clutter-clearing is your main goal.

Emphasize Ergonomics

Do you want to spend a ton of time hunching over to put items away or standing on your tippy toes to reach clothes folded on the top shelves of your closet? Probably not. 

When you’re designing your custom closet, make sure it’s ergonomic. Design it so that the items you use most often will be at eye level and don’t require a lot of reaching or bending over.

Make sure your shelves aren’t too deep, either. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing things toward the back.

Drawers or No Drawers?

There’s a lot of debate over whether or not you should include drawers in your custom closet.

Need A Boost In Home Value? You Would Be Shocked At The Value Closets Can Provide 2

At the end of the day, it’s up to you — remember, it’s a custom closet.

If you have a dresser in your room, you can probably get away with no drawers in your closet. Drawers add to the total price of the closet and can limit space if they’re not designed well. 

Give Everything a Place

One of the greatest hurdles homeowners have to overcome is keeping their closets organized.

A custom closet can make organization much easier. You can design the shelves and spaces so they fit your belongings perfectly. That way, there won’t be any wasted space.

If you’re not sure if certain items need their own space, consider the 20-inch rule. If, when the items are grouped together, they take up more than 20 inches of space, they probably need their own section.

Set Aside Space for Shoes

Storing shoes in your closet can be quite frustrating.

Need A Boost In Home Value? You Would Be Shocked At The Value Closets Can Provide 3

One of the best ways to store shoes is to add in shelves for each pair. You can fit quite a few pairs of shoes into even a small closet if you design the shelves right.

Shoe shelves only need to be about 12 inches deep and 4 1/2-7 inches high. Remember, your shoes don’t need a lot of breathing room.

Choose the Right Accessories

You may be tempted to go with all the bells and whistles when designing your closet.

Instead of investing in every accessory, focus on the ones that will benefit you the most. This might be a slide out tie rod, a tilt-out hamper, or a valet rod.

Bring in a Professional

Finally, don’t be afraid to bring in a professional.

A professional designer can help you create the closet of your dreams and give you ideas on how to maximize your space and achieve your specific storage goals.

If the idea of designing a custom closet is stressing you out, it’s worth it to invest in the help of a designer.

Design Your Custom Closet Today

There’s no doubt about it: custom closets provide home value.

Remember, homebuyers love the idea of having extra storage space.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, adding a custom closet is a great way to enhance the space and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

Need A Boost In Home Value? You Would Be Shocked At The Value Closets Can Provide 4

Do you need help designing your custom closet? If so, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, get a free design consultation, or get right to work creating the closet of your dreams.

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