6 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Custom Closet

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Do you flinch every time you open your closet doors? Scared that a pair of shoes or a bin will fall out on your head?

A lot of Americans are living this way — even the ones that want to be more organized. Sometimes it’s just a problem of having the wrong space.

But you can fix that! Designing a custom closet for your bedroom will give you exactly what you need, and there are other benefits to boot.

Learn why you should invest in a custom closet below.

1. It Reduces Waste

If you know anything about Marie Kondo, you know that the first step of her cleaning process is seeing everything you have. When your closet is an overstuffed mess, things don’t get worn – because they don’t get seen.

In Marie’s opinion, seeing everything you have in one pile brings gratitude back to your life. Even if you don’t believe that it can bring back clothing items you thought you lost.

Like that white jumpsuit, you overspent on at Nordstrom.

Once you have a custom closet, you can see all the clothes you have and they’ll have a better chance of getting worn. Not only that, but you can take the time to go through what you actually wear while your custom closet is installed.

Once you’ve gotten rid of all those old things, you can make some money off of them at a consignment store. Or you can cut down your taxes by donating them (just remember to get a receipt!).

6 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Custom Closet 1

That’ll save you (or make you) money, but you know how else that custom closet can pay for itself? You won’t buy duplicates of the same item, because you can’t find the one you thought you had.

You don’t need six little black dresses, but you have them. You’ll save money on shopping less when everything is in its place.

2. It Saves Time

No matter how good of a parent you are or how early you wake up — it seems like mornings always take way longer than they should. Does that sound familiar?

One aspect of that may be because you can’t find what you need in your non-custom closet. Do you find yourself hopping around with one shoe on while you try to find the other?

A custom closet can fix that. Your getting ready time will go much faster when you know exactly where everything is.

6 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Custom Closet 2

But you’re not the only one that can benefit — why not get your kids a custom closet as well? You can build in storage for the clothes they’ve grown out of or are yet to grow into.

If you’re saving baby clothes for a potential next child — don’t keep them in the garage, where bugs and spiders live. Put them in your kid’s custom closet on a specially designed shelf.

You can design your closet so that things your kids need often are right in yours, and their, reach. That means diapers, underwear, or dress up dresses.

Whatever you need to get going in the morning can be in big or little arms reach – it’s all up to your design.

3. A Space to Yourself

Do you feel like everyone has their own room in the house, except you? If you’re a mom or dad it feels like nothing’s sacred. You’re followed around by kids (or pets) everywhere you go.

Depending on the square footage you’re working with, you can create a space for you in your custom closet. Even if that’s just a makeup table where you can put your face on in the morning – it’ll become your little me-time escape.

Or it can be a safe place for items you need to keep away from little hands. Shoe collections, tie collections — even collectibles. We can create shelves in your closet for everything you can think of.

4. Your Clothes Will Last Longer and Look Better

Do you seem to buy nice clothes and they see them get ruined or get too wrinkled to wear?

You could be storing them wrong — which can be fixed by a custom closet installation. When you have more room to store things, then they’ll stay nicer, longer.

Like men’s shirts. How many times do you iron them and hang them up just to find you need to do it all again when you pull it out of the closet?

Stop stuffing nice clothes together and give them the room they need to hang.

It’ll save you time and keep you looking fresh.

5. You’ll Stay Organized

When everything has a place, you’re much more likely to put things away. And that’s not just good for saving time in the morning.

Having an organized home is good for your mental health and even your relationships. If you’ve watched the Marie Kondo special on Netflix, you can see what a change organizing makes to the family and the home.

6 Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Custom Closet 3

When it comes to your relationships, wouldn’t it be nice to not yell at your partner for leaving things on the floor? To know that you’re not going to find something stuffed where it doesn’t go?

It seems simplistic, but it works. There’s science to prove it.

6. It Has a High ROI

You may not be planning to sell your home right now, but building a custom closet can make it easier in the future. People love homes with built-in storage, and that’s just what a custom closet is.

Just make sure you leave it picture perfect when people come to see the house!

Designing a Custom Closet for Your Bedroom

Go to your closet and open it up. What are the pain points that you see? Is there not enough room for both you and your partner’s clothes? Are things falling off their hangers?

Do you have to take three things out just to get to the shirt you want?

You don’t have to live this way. Talk to us about a custom closet for your bedroom.

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