Upgrading Your Closet Shelving And Cabinetry

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Closet organizers and variations of the shelving have been used for years to help people organize their closets better.

Cabinetry is a great idea if you’re trying to create more room and better organize and store your clothes, shoes, jewelry and more. Also, it’s useful to either close off areas of the closet or to open up areas for a cleaner look.

Upgrading Your Closet Shelving And Cabinetry 1

Luxury walk-in closets have showcased vanities and drawers that provide ample space for users to store smaller items like brushes, lint rolls, and grooming supplies. 

Many of these shelving solutions can cost a pretty penny though, and not all homeowners are willing to shell out the costs to create more space in their closets.

So how can an average Joe upgrade their shelving and cabinetry without taking a second mortgage out on their home?

Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision when shopping for closet shelving and cabinetry: 

Consider purchasing shelving or cabinets through a company who installs them. Of course, there are always websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp which have cabinets that can either be refurbished and reused or broken down and rebuilt in your closet – but for a truly unique design, those aren’t the ideal places to get your new transformation.

Upgrading Your Closet Shelving And Cabinetry 2

If you think about how simple shelving can be, taking some measurements and visiting your local Home Depot or Lowes should get you the basic material needed to create shelving. You can also download a DIY shelving PDF off the internet and basically have a blueprint for closet shelving on your smartphone – which you should then coordinate with a professional closet remodeler to get further insights on.

While cheaper options may be right for some, they are not even a consideration for others. Celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead with hand-me-down shelving. Purchasing upgrades for a home is a must for many, and there are many folks out there that don’t want someone else’s used closet shelving in their walk-in closet.  

Sure, the laundry that sits on the shelf may be clean, but it was still another person clothes on there. That being said, buying new is the best option for many. There are out-the-box organizers that are ready to assemble as soon as you walk in the door as well. More complex organizers and shelving units may require assembly from a handyman or someone with a similar skill set.

Find a specialized contractor that will provide you with a custom design, custom quote, and custom installation. This option may cost more than just an organizer system from Amazon, but the cost is well worth the value.

Upgrading Your Closet Shelving And Cabinetry 3

Closet builders can also easily expand by adding mirrors and additional lighting which really improves the functionality of a closet, giving homeowners the opportunity to get dressed in the closet with a well-lit space and a mirror of the size of your choice.

The shelving surfaces can be left as laminate, custom wood types like oak, natural stone types like marble or granite shelving slabs, and the tile variations you may see in trendy kitchen designs. This is next level shelving and will require a contractor to install unless you know how to cut granite and marble slabs for your project. 

Upgrading Your Closet Shelving And Cabinetry 4

Types of Shelving

Adding shelving for your shoes should also be a priority, as shoes clutter the floor of every closet we walk into. There are great shoe organizers that can slide under the bed, or hang behind a closet door, and both options will get your shoes off the floor and create more space for you to roam freely in your closet. 

Regardless of your preference, searching for a custom solution and speaking with a professional is the proper place to start.

If you’re a bargain shopper, look to online shopping for great deals on closet organizers and closet cabinetry systems. But a forewarning: expect that once you receive what you ordered to take a pretty good amount of time to build-out yourself. Is your time more valuable than a few hundred extra dollars to get it done right, the first time?

Desire something a little more simple yet sophisticated? A local craftsman to measure and design custom closet shelving and cabinetry is the most ideal situation. Look to 180 Closet Design for custom cabinetry. Feel free to reach out anytime for a completely free, in-home estimate, and let us transform your home.

Having someone properly measure every inch of your closet and design you a custom shelving unit would allow for maximum efficiency when installing the shelving.

Like we always suggest, do your research, ask questions, and have fun making your closet space a cleaner more organized living space!

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