The Ultimate Guide to Kids Closet Designs

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Buying clothes for your kids is difficult enough. Now you need to find a means to organize all those clothes you just bought!

Building a closet system for children serves the same purpose as it would for an adult. However, there are small differences you should keep in mind when designing a closet for your children.

A child’s closet needs to be planned and scaled a bit differently because unlike yourself, your children are not done growing yet.

Here are some tips and tricks to help your children stay organized with ease and leave you without the stress of having to clean your kid’s room on a daily basis.

Furniture Options

Utilizing proper furniture can help you implement an organization system that is suitable for your child.

Now, unless you’d like to truly spoil your kid rotten, you don’t need to fork out tens of thousands of dollars on a child’s closet design.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Closet Designs 1

There are plenty of options for kid’s closets such as cubbies, storage bins, and small drawers. These storage systems are far cheaper than installing a drawer made out of the finest mahogany wood – something more suitable for an adult.


For cubbies, we recommend installing enough cubbies to store short piles of clothing in each compartment.

In doing so, you can help prevent your kids from having to rummage through larger stacks of clothing to find what they’re looking for.

Plastic Storage Bins & Drawers

This is a great option for parents who need a means of organizing their kid’s toys and supplies. It’s a cheap option that can be scaled to any level, big or small.

The Ultimate Guide to Kids Closet Designs 2

Plastic Storage Bins & Drawers

This is a great option for parents who need a means of organizing their kid’s toys and supplies. It’s a cheap option that can be scaled to any level, big or small.

Plastic options are always recommended for safety reasons. Plastic is much more malleable and more resilient to breaking or shattering so you don’t need to worry as much if these bins are dropped or tumbled.

Medium-Density Fiberboard, commonly known as MDF, is also becoming a popular option with kid’s furniture. MDF is primarily composed of wood solids, wax, or resin produced at high temperatures to create a surface material that is much cheaper than wood.

Hanger Rods and Pegboards

The most important part of installing hanger rods for children is to make them adjustable as your child grows. The older your child gets, the bigger the clothes he or she will need. So, you need to make sure your hangers are tall enough to keep your kid’s garments off the floor.

Installing a hanger rod on a pegboard-like system with multiple holes and different heights can help you adjust the heights of each rod with ease.

Experimenting with different hanger rod levels can help you optimize your space by staggering as well. Keep your primary rack in front, easily reachable for your child, while keeping a higher rod staggered further back can help utilize that free space while keeping everything nice and organized.

While it’s not necessary to dish out large amounts of money for your children’s closet system, it’s important to invest some time and money.

Implementing a functional, organizational system at a young age can help your children develop organization skills at an early stage, setting them up for future success.

Schedule a free consultation with us today to make your child’s dream closet come to life!

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