Design a Custom Kids Closet that will Grow Up with Them

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Kids Closets That Grow Just Like Them

Smart Design Is Timeless

Is your child’s closet a danger zone? Often when it comes to children’s clothing people assume that because the pieces are so small, organizing them isn’t as big of a problem.

Boy do parents everywhere know how wrong that is!

Having tiny little outfits to organize and put away can be a real stressor! Accessories for toddlers and elementary schoolers can be a time-consuming problem, especially if the kids in question are always on the go.

If you are considering upgrading the closet space in your child’s room then you might have a few concerns. What works for kids closets that will continue to work as they grow up into adulthood? What design features can translate well into different stages of life?

Here at 180 Closet Design we have 10 years of experience designing the best closets in Northern Virginia, along with garages, laundry rooms, home offices, kitchens, and bedrooms. Want to upgrade your home with beautiful organization solutions? We know a thing or two about that.

Here are few things we recommend you keep in mind when planning out a child’s closet.

Some Things Are Best Kept Out of Reach…

You might want to make sure that your shelving plans extend up to the ceiling. At least in the sense that they leave room for the things you don’t want to get broken or destroyed while your child is still young.

Boxes of momentos? Special trophies? Gifts from grandma? A budding snowglobe collection? These are all things that you might want to keep out of harm’s way while they are still young. High shelves can offer that.

Design with Repurpose in Mind

You don’t have to design a closet that will remain stagnant and only fit for a child its entire life.

Change is good, and understanding that the elements of the closet you design will be repurposed can help you make informed decisions while designing it now.

For instance, say you reserve one section of your child’s closet for cubbies that are low to the ground. While they are young this is a great place to store clothes because they are easily reachable and can teach toddlers a little something about organization.

Then when they grow up this section can be repurposed! In this example these cubbies can be used as eventual shoe storage!

Choose Hardware That Can Change Over Time

One key way to keep closet repurposing in mind is to be very intentional in your choice of hardware.

Children’s clothing is, of course, not terribly large. You don’t have floor-length dresses, long cardigans, dusters, or coats to keep up with. For that reason, it can be tempting to keep all of your sections small!

If you are going to put up a hanging rod in the bottom half of the closet, consider leaving space for another hanging rod to be put up higher above it in the future – that way long things can still find in the closet and you can double the hanging space as time goes on!

Display Cases Can Help

As your children get older they will probably collect a few things that will be precious to them. Chances are they already have a doll, video game figurine, or favorite toy that they wouldn’t mind being put on display.

As they get older it might be special jewelry or a gift from a dear friend. Whatever it is, you might want to consider giving them a place to put the things that really matter to them.

Glass display cases or cubbies are great for this. In a way they are more useful when the child is small; if the display case is high up then they can’t reach it and destroy that expensive gift grandma got for them!​

These can turn into great places to store jewelry and mementos as they get older without having to hide these things away! Instead, it’s in storage and on display at the same time! What a headache relief!

Every year your kids will bring home new friends and new hobbies. Every fall they will need new school clothes. Every vacation will bring them new treasures they will want to keep. Organization solutions aren’t usually built into a house, so it’s up to homeowners to find systems that work for them.

Remember that for a kid their room is a space to express themselves and experiment with what it means to be an individual. They might get territorial about their closet space as they get older, wanting to claim that crucial storage space as their own. One of the best things you can offer them is more space to

And if they insist on being messy in their teenage years (which plenty of them will!), at least you can help make it a slightly more manageable mess!

Choose the Right Contractor

Here at 180 Closet Design we can proudly say we have played our part in helping families in Alexandria, Annandale, Burke, Great Falls, McClean, Reston, and Tysons, Virginia, get organized and stay organized for life!

It’s what we are great at and we take pride in our work. Feel free to check out what we can offer when it comes to garage designs, home office solutions, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and closets. Believe us when we say that when it comes to storage solutions, we’ve seen it all

We’ve been designing and installing closets for 10 years and we have the expertise to offer you all of the customizations and solutions you are looking for. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today!

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