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Kids' Closets, Finally Organized

If you are a parent, we don’t need to tell you that keeping an organized home is incredibly challenging. Your children accumulate more toys, school supplies, and clothes over the years, and with a constantly growing wardrobe (in size and number), it can be a nightmare trying to keep everything neat.

Creating a custom kid’s closet for your children is a fun and rewarding experience because it provides us an opportunity to bring out our more creative side while providing them with a high-functioning and organized closet that teaches them the value of keeping tidy while inspiring their imagination and productivity.

Reach-in closet for boys

Space to Thrive

Every year brings with it new clothes, new toys, new activities and evolving interests. With each passing year, their needs change as they explore new experiences. It’s great to be able to have our children participate in a variety of hobbies, but it sure puts a strain on our household!

Last year it was bats and gloves, this year a helmet and guitar, who knows what’s next!

By redesigning your child’s closet, you can provide them with a space that accommodates them throughout their development.

Not to mention relieving some of the stress of keeping an organized home.

Organization so simple, your kids will be teaching you color coordination.

custom girls reach-in closet
custom closet for kids
custom kids organized closet

Room to Grow

The most challenging part of helping our children keep an organized room is that they just won’t stop growing!

With an expanding wardrobe, you need a closet that can grow with them.

By using modular and flexible kids closet systems, we can help you create a closet that is adaptable to their needs. Using adjustable shelving and modular components you’ll have a tidy space that they never outgrow.

custom colorful kids closets
custom closet for girls

Stay Ahead of the Mess

Kids can be really messy. But often this is due to them simply not having optimized storage that provides them with a natural place for all their things.

The human brain is naturally drawn to order. But when there’s seemingly no way to bring order, we’ll settle for consolidating the chaos and hiding it behind a closed door.

You will be shocked how neat your child’s room will be when they have a unique place that’s hand crafted to fit all of their needs. We can make sure that they not only have this place, but can access it and understand how to use it.

They will be able to reach everything and have a clear understanding of where all their belongings are supposed to go. Creating these types of home organization solutions for your child and in your home, will help your family minimize losing things and save time. 

Let’s work together to create the perfect kids closet.

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