The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

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About a decade ago, the kitchen in any given household was run by women. More specifically, it was mostly stay-at-home moms taking ownership of the kitchen.

Today, we are continuing to see more and more men occupying the kitchen space; men are spending more time cooking meals (and eating meals!) in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. People, in general, are spending more time there. Mom is cooking, kids are doing homework at the kitchen counter, Dad is opening mail at the kitchen table; the kitchen is thriving!

It would make sense that the place you spend the most time in also takes the most time to design.

Here are the top kitchen trends of 2019 that you can incorporate into your kitchen.

Use of Wood

When most people think of wood, they imagine its conventional use: cabinetry. Wood can be implemented in far more uses than just this, however.

Recent studies have shown that wood actually exudes more antibacterial properties than plastic or ceramic. It’s the reason why so many people prefer wooden cutting boards to plastic and ceramic.

The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019 1

Kitchens who primarily use metal, stone, glass materials can give off an unwarming, cold vibe. Installing wooden fixtures and furniture can help a home kitchen give off a more welcoming, warmer vibe.

An idea that’s becoming more popular this year is installing a built-in wooden cutting board straight into the kitchen island. Built-in cutting boards can be scaleable.

Some people go as far as turning their entire countertop into a wooden top, serving as a multipurpose surface. Don’t pull out your cutting board from the pantry, just simply start cutting on top of your wooden counter!

Wherever you decide to install your cutting board, make sure it’s at a location that is functional as this is a permanent installation process. Next to the kitchen sink is preferred by many. Wash your veggies in the sink and transfer them right next to you to start cutting away. Easy.

Trouble getting started? Here are some great ideas on how to implement wooden cutting boards.

Inset/Cutout Handles for Drawers

A loose drawer knob or handle can drive any homeowner crazy. It’s a hassle to fix.

If you’re someone who is just sick of changing out drawer knob after drawer knob, inset handles for drawers is a solution for you.

The Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2019 2

For those unfamiliar, inset handles are made simply by cutting the wood out so the omitted portion simply becomes the handle in which you can pull the drawer out.

People are finding hardware as an obsolete entity. You don’t necessarily need all this hardware unless you prefer. Without all the hardware sticking out from your cabinets, drawers, stovetop, there’s just one less thing to bump your hip into.

By choosing inset handles, you’re going for a much more minimal approach to your cabinetry. This opens up many options for experimentation with the tops. Keep your drawers and cabinetry minimal, while contrasting with the matte black countertop to give off a very modern, minimal look.

For more ideas on incorporating inset handles, here are some great ones.

Our team of skilled, specialized contractors can assist you in getting started on your next kitchen remodeling project through a free consultation today

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