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If you’ve ever done work of any kind from the comfort of your home, you’ll know that having a proper space to complete that work is extremely important. After all, that “comfort” often comes at a price, be it noise from the rest of your family, cluttered spaces that make it difficult to create, disorganized rooms that are impossible to navigate, or being forced to share a common area — like a dining room table, family room, or bedroom corner — that others also need to access.

Whatever your needs, a home office created with your life in mind will help you thrive in your home work environment. When you’re ready to have your own dedicated space, call 180 Closet Design.

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Let Organization Work Its Magic

You don’t need a master bedroom-sized space to create the perfect home office. Our team of professional design experts knows how to maximize any space, ensuring you get the most from the room and have everything you need to be as productive as possible.

A customized home office can go a long way toward ensuring you do some of your best work when you’re home. Imagine having a space to spread out your papers, computer items, presentations, and projects. Or, being able to unpack all your art supplies for painting, papers to grade before tomorrow’s classes, homework to finish before the weekend, or portfolio elements to gauge your progress — all without having to worry about cleaning up before dinner or having to listen to a distracting television program or conversation.

Give us a call today, and we’ll set up a free in-home consultation to get started discussing your ideas. Your very own designer will come to your house, walk through your space, take measurements, and discuss your options, helping you turn your vision into a customized home office reality.

The Home Office Of Your Dreams

When we say 180 Closet Design is ready to help you bring your perfect home office to life, we mean it. Our designers consider everything you need — desks and tables, ample storage, technology needs, art nooks, reading spots, decorations, and more — to ensure they are maximizing the available space. They then walk you through our variety of accessories, components, finishes, and other materials so you can get everything you want, too.

Also, your desk, bookshelves, storage solutions, flooring, and other items are all created specifically to your required dimensions, then installed in your home for an expertly finished and customized space that encourages creative thoughts and overall productivity.

Home Office Design McLean VA

Get Started with a Professional Designer

We’ve got clients in pretty much every sector, from the highly technical to the incredibly creative, so we know we can help you create a customized home workspace that will be perfect for your wants and needs. Whatever your vision, our innovative solutions and expert staff will help bring it to life.

Give us a call to set up your completely free, no-obligation, in-home assessment today.

Home office not in McLean? We build home offices in: Alexandria, Great Falls, Reston, Burke, and Tysons Corner!

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