Your Closet Design Says a Lot about You: These Custom Closet Ideas Can Help You Stand Out

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Closet space is such a precious commodity across the U.S. that 50 percent of people would be willing to give up sex for six months to have more of it. 

And 20 percent of people would even be willing to take a six-month pay cut for a bigger closet. 

But bigger isn’t always better. Huge walk-in closets can still be badly-designed, ineffective, and disorganized. When it comes to storing and displaying your clothes, closet design is more important than size. 

With a custom closet, you can decide how to maximize the space you have. This means creating original and unique storage solutions that look great and make life easier. A custom closet also says a lot about you too, reflecting your tastes and style as well as what you want from life. 

Read on to find out how custom closets can add a touch of personality to your home.

Find the Perfect Fit

You want your clothes to feel tailor-made to your body. It makes sense that you’d want your closet to be the perfect fit both for your home and your personal style. 

That means choosing the right materials, sizes, and colors for your custom closet to ensure it matches your interior decor. But you also want a closet that provides the ultimate home for all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. 

Traditional closet layouts tend to be one-size-fits-all. Although crammed corners and unused spaces are common, showing how this layout rarely fits anyone’s needs. 

A custom closet allows you to decide how and where you want to devote space to rails, shelves, and drawers. A personalized layout design you can ensure both easy access and effective storage. 

Traditional closet layouts tend to be one-size-fits-all. Although crammed When designing your own closet, it’s far easier to plan and install any kinds of specifications you have. A custom closet shows that you know what you want from life — and from your clothes — and how you store them. The final result doesn’t just feel tailor-made, it is tailor-made! 

Project Your Personality 

When you first consider a custom closet, you might wonder what your closet design says about you. And the answer is — a lot. 

In the same way that the clothes inside your closet reflect your personality and even your daily mood, a carefully-chosen custom closet adds personality to your home. 

After all, your closet is where you keep all the clothes that show the many versions of yourself. From that killer red dress to those baggy pants you pull out on ‘meh’ days, both your clothes and your closet reflect who you are. 

By designing your custom closet, you have an opportunity to project your personality through how you arrange your space and how you display your clothes.


That could mean putting dress rails at eye-level to encourage you to wear them more. Or you may want to divide up your space to reflect the different clothes you favor for different occasions or moods.

You could also devote space to the accessories you use to lift your outfits. This could include easy-access racks for your precious shoe collection. Or you might want dedicated drawers for scarves and hair accessories. 

Made-to-Order Organization Options

A custom closet makes it a lot easier to organize since you’re the one deciding how you want to use the space you have to accommodate your clothes. 

That means no more stacking sweaters on an inconvenient high shelf or untidy shoe collections at the bottom of your closet. Whether you go for a spacious walk-in closet or a smaller reach-in closet design, everything will have its place.

If you have an impressive t-shirt collection, you might prefer more slide-out drawers instead of shelves for easier access. Or, if you’re a fan of long dresses, you’ll need a high rail to make sure they have the storage space they need.

Besides better organization and a more aesthetic appearance, a custom closet design also allows you to see and access your entire wardrobe. Plus, you’ll be able to store everything with greater care and attention. 

This means more outfit ideas, and your items will be in a better condition too. As a result, you’ll stand out for all the right reasons. 

Show Off Your Style with Finishing Touches

One of the best parts about custom closets is that you can add finishing touches that wouldn’t be possible in a regular closet.

In the same way that well-chosen accessories can make an outfit, original home closet ideas provide personality and individuality. These might include decorative moldings and handles or shelving to display your designer purses. Then there are additional options, such as lighting, special drawers, mirrors, or glass doors. 

As a result, your clothes and accessories will look more stylish displayed well. And your closet will provide you with the perfect space to select your look for the day while forming an integral part of your home’s interior design.  

Displaying your items in a custom-built closet also shines a light on your favorites, giving you easier access to the items you love. This shows your passion for style and how your closet allows you to express that passion to the world. 

How to Stand Out with Custom Closet Design 

Our day often begins in our closet, where we decide who we want to be today and what we want to say about ourselves.

Through custom closet design, projecting your personality and being true to yourself will be much easier thanks to these effective organization and easy-access options. Beyond aesthetics and function, a custom closet can improve your life overall. 

To make your dream customer closet a reality, book your professional design consultation today!

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