Custom Closets for New Homes in Alexandria & Falls Church

Ryan is the owner and founder of Enhanced Custom Homes. We’ve had the privilege to work with Ryan on adding customized closets and other storage solutions to new home construction.

Custom home building is a competitive market. However, we’re thrilled that we can help Ryan create his clients’ dream homes by contributing our expertise in closet design.

The Problem

Ryan’s industry is cut-throat. So, any edge you can offer over your competitors goes a long way toward succeeding in the industry. Therefore, Ryan chose to work with us because we could help him offer one-of-a-kind storage solutions for his clients.

Robert's Closet Design
Robert's Closet

The Solution

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Ryan on several new homes. Also, we’re looking forward to partnering up for more in the future. In fact, people choose to work with a custom home builder because they want to bring their dream home to life. They don’t want to pick from a selection of cookie-cutter floor plans.

Custom closets are a critical but often overlooked piece of that puzzle. So, if you’re going out of your way to building a house to your exact specifications, why wouldn’t you create closets that are made specifically for your needs?

Customer Story Quotes

“Usually when I work with Scot, it’s because the client has requested a custom closet. However, sometimes it’s because I am looking to offer them further customization options. Also, his products add a ton of value and marketability to a finished home.”

— Ryan

Angle shot of interior of closet

The Result

Now Robert has a spacious, custom-made master closet that perfectly fits his and his wife’s wardrobe. Outfitted with everything his family needs to get organized and stay that way, Robert couldn’t be happier with the result. About a year later, we spoke with him and he had this to say:

Customer Story Quotes

Scot was referred to me by another builder. He has been fantastic to work for. Essentially Scot has shown me that he can outbid and outperform my previous subcontractors. Moreover, he is doing all of this while providing a high-quality product with a very high level of customer service.

— Ryan​

Custom Closets & More

Of course, you don’t have to be a home builder to create a custom closet that’s made just for you. So, if you are looking to enhance your existing home or add more value to a new home build, Call 180 Closet Design now and get a free consultation.

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