A Walk-In vs. Reach-In Closet

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The Ins and Outs of Different Types of Closets

Most people think that space is the only important factor in their closet design; they don’t venture into other factors that can determine if you need a walk-in closet or reach-in closet.

Instead, they think that just because you have a large enough space, a walk-in is right for you.

They’re mistaken!

Personal preference and style are pivotal factors that play into whether you should invest in one or the other.

A well-designed closet is a thing that many homeowners will strive to achieve. But, before you begin your closet design process, first know the pros and cons of each type of closet.

A Walk-In vs. Reach-In Closet 1

Walk-In Closet

Obviously, you’ll need the space in order to implement this. As the name implies, you need to be able to physically walk into your closet space.

Walk-ins Are For the Fashion Forward

This option is popular for the more trendy shopper. Shoppers who enjoy keeping up to date with fashion’s latest trends are likely to enjoy a walk-in closet.

different types of closets

As these shoppers continue to purchase more and more trendy articles of clothing, they can continue to push older, more out-of-season items towards the end or back of your walk-in. 

By keeping the newer, more trendy items in front of your walk-in, it can serve as a reminder to the owner to wear the clothes! Don’t just let it sit in your closet.

Additionally, as the older items continue to get pushed back, it can help owners visualize and decide what clothes they need to get rid of, either by tossing or selling.

If you’re a person who likes to fully try on outfits and walk around in them before leaving the house, a walk-in can be an ideal option as well. Your walk-in can serve as your personal retreat or fashion getaway so you can act like a runway model without waking up your spouse in the bedroom.

When a Walk-in Gets to Be a Drag

Owning a walk-in isn’t all fun though.

Depending on how large, a walk-in can almost seem like an entirely separate room to maintain and take care of rather than a sub-sectional of a room.

Maintaining a tidy walk-in closet can take time out of one’s day so you need to be an organized person to make this task as least time-consuming as possible.

Also, walk-ins are expensive to install. If you feel like there’s even the slightest chance that your potential walk-in closet could be underutilized, you may want to consider using that space for another household project that’s more productive.

Reach-In Closet

A reach-in closet is ideal for the minimalists.

If instead of following the trends, you prefer to keep your wardrobe as minimal as possible, a reach-in is right for you.

Reach-in, Get Going

A reach-in makes it easier for those who like to buy interchangeable pieces that can be rotated with other interchangeable pieces. 

downsides of reach-in closet

Instead of having 5 blazers from last season and 5 new blazers from this season, simply having 3 blazers that are interchangeable with requires less space and less maintenance.

Having a reach-in can help the owner truly visualize his/her entire wardrobe in one view. If you are someone who needs to assemble their outfit quickly in the morning, you may not have time to prance around looking for options.

A reach-in will give you full access to your entire wardrobe, making outfit decisions quicker and easier.

The Limitations

It’s okay to consider yourself as a heavy shopper. If you are, however, a reach-in can seem very limiting for you. If you find yourself buying all the new product catalogs each season, you’d better be okay with letting a few older pieces go if you have a reach-in.

Whether you go with a walk-in or reach-in, it should be a functional fit for you.

No matter the size of your closet, no matter how much clothes you have, an optimal option can be found for you. Get some fresh, new closet design ideas with 180 Closet Design to make your closet suit you.

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