About 180 Closet Design

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180 Closet Design was started in 2010 by Scot Schrager with the goal of helping clients transform their homes through custom organization systems.

In the beginning, we started designing and building custom closets because we found the whole process fascinating and stimulating. it’s rewarding to take a disorganized closet and transform it into a home’s most attractive feature. Creating an orderly and high-functioning space out of what was previously chaotic and messy is a challenging and fun process.

As the years went by and we helped hundreds of people transform their closets, offices, garages, and more, we started to see the immense positive impact that we were having on our client’s lives. This realization renewed our passion and became the driving factor in our success.

By focusing specifically on our client’s personal needs and wishes, we could design genuinely unique systems that transformed their homes and their lives for the better. We’ve been able to lend our expertise to our clients, allowing them to design their dream closets themselves while we offer guidance and resources.

This collaboration allows them to actively participate in the fun and rewarding process of designing custom storage. Not only can we give them the joy that initially brought us into this business, but we can provide even better end results through this collaborative process.

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