Bedroom to Walk-in Closet Conversion

We had the privilege of working with Robert on transforming a small, unused bedroom into a luxurious walk-in closet.

Often people who undertake a bedroom conversion project have recently had a significant life event. Other times, they just want to add more value to their home by repurposing inefficient or wasted space.

In Robert’s case, it was a little bit of both.

The Problem

Robert had a small bedroom attached to the master suite. When the home was originally built, this room served as a nursery or child’s room. Robert didn’t have any children and did not need the extra room. He recently got married, and the existing master closet just wasn’t enough to accommodate both him and his new wife’s storage needs.

So he decided to repurpose the room as a luxurious master closet. Robert already had some designs in mind but needed someone to help him refine that vision.

Robert's Closet
Robert's Closet

The Solution

Robert called 180 Closet Design to discuss his vision for the new space and get a pricing estimate.

We looked at the design he had drawn up, took measurements, and began importing it into our 3D modeling software. Working together, we made the adjustments necessary to fit everything he wanted into the space.

The final design included a luxurious closet island, shelving and rods for both his and his wife’s wardrobe, custom cabinetry, and a shoe storage system hidden behind a mirrored door.

Angle shot of interior of closet

The Result

Now Robert has a spacious, custom-made master closet that perfectly fits his and his wife’s wardrobe. Outfitted with everything his family needs to get organized and stay that way, Robert couldn’t be happier with the result. We spoke with him a year later, and he had this to say:

5 star company reviews satisfaction
Customer Story Quotes

“I liked that my designer, Scot, was willing to work with my original idea. The other providers I spoke to wanted to throw my design out in favor of a completely different, more expensive, plan. Scot didn’t try to upsell me or change what I wanted. Plus, the final price was right in the ballpark. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Rather than just shoving all our stuff into a tiny closet, there’s plenty of space for all of our things. The shoe storage especially was the perfect solution. Now they are organized and out of the way.” ​
— Robert

Create Your Custom Closet Today

Robert’s is just one story of somebody who wanted to enhance his home by creating personalized storage made specifically for his and his new family’s unique needs.

Everybody has a unique lifestyle, and your closets should reflect yours. If you want to get more value out of your home and enjoy a more organized life; schedule your free consultation today.

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