Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips

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How to Design Your Dream Closet in Five Simple Steps 

Designing your dream closet can open up a world of opportunities that you had no idea existed. All the sudden, your shoes from 1994 are back in style, and you realize you haven’t even been through your collection in a while.

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 1

What defines you? All the clothing from the past, and what you wear today, what lasts? Is there some defining feature that keeps playing out over the years. 

The thing about dream closets is that they don’t have to be crazy extraordinary like the model homes on HGTV. They just have to be you, work with your style, and your needs.

So it’s time to hit that blank canvas and run. What type of closet fits you best? And where to begin. Let’s get started!

1. The Closet Cleanse

First things first before you get into your artistic mind, it’s time to find all those out-of-date rags and disperse! 

Give your old clothes away to the local vintage shop, donate to goodwill, or take a stop at your sister’s place and make a little trade. 

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 2

It feels so good to release and cleanse your closet, get rid of what you don’t need and hold on to the things that really matter. Maybe a little color coding is in order, just keep the things that really flatter.

The best way to do this is to follow the KonMari method and ask yourself one question: does this spark joy?

If it doesn’t spark joy- get rid of it, and remember to love what you wear. 

After your closet cleanse, the next step in easy as pie.

2. Tidy Up Your Closet 

Pie is actually kind of challenging to make if you have ever tried. And letting go is not as easy as it seems. So if you were able to get past the cleanse of your closet, throw on your favorite jams, do a little dance and get tidy with it. 

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 3

Line up those shoes, put together outfit pairs of two, try everything on, and strut down the runway in your room. 

It’s essential to love what you wear because you are so unique and your wardrobe screams-YOU. So let it sing for joy, match the color of your eyes, and speak towards who you are rather than disguise. 

Yup, the key is to organize with the perfect you in mind. 

3. Get Crafty

That’s right, it is time to hit a blank canvas and get crafty with your organization skills (who even knew they existed) and it feels so good! 

Start by sections, and ask yourself a couple of questions.

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 4

Do I want a section dedicated to evening wear?

Do I want to color code my wardrobe?

Do I want a separate space for my shoes?

What about all my snazzy hats?

Oh, and the scarves!?

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to creating the perfect plan of organization. And really it all depends on your style. 

A great way to organize is the outfit builder method. And yes I am wondering why there has not been a computerized system to do this- Cher from Clueless was so ahead of her time. 

But really organize your closet by shirts, pants, skirts, belts, scarves, and whatever else you’ve got going on!

When you create a space for everything, you can spin around, and begin your artfit of choice every morning starting with the hat selection and moving your way down to the perfect pair of shoes. 

4. The Design in Mind

Now that you have your blank canvas organized, and your wardrobe optimized in style it’s essential to create a design in mind that sparks joy too!

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 5

Imagine walking into your closet every morning and smiling at the clothing legacy you have created the defines you. The best way to do this is to make your closet shine.

Paint that accent wall you have been craving. You know, the one in the dining room with an audacious pop that you have been dreaming of, but are too afraid to make happen because of the high traffic velocity of the space.

Well, your closet is your space, so pick a color and make it pop! There are tons of vintage style wallpapers to choose from too, the key is to surround your wardrobe in style, and make it a sanctuary to you!

5. Build Your Sanctuary

Now that you have figured out a great way to organize, and stylize, it is time to get to it and build the dream closet that defines you

Closet organizers and shelves are a big help, and of course, there is buying the paint and all the tools necessary to get the job done. 

Design Your Dream Closet With Expert Tips 6

Maybe you want to add a couple of mirrors, oh and even a nice love seat where you can sit down and try on your shoes. 

It’s all the little touches that really make it-you. 

But maybe you are not as handy as you thought when it comes to building shelves and painting walls. 

The good news is that you are still very stylish. But what to do about all these shelves, hammers, nails, and bolts- they are seriously cramping your style. 

But wait, there is more good news! You can call 180 Closet Design! Their professions will come to your home and design everything that you have in mind. 

So be calm and carry on with your all your ideas, they are waiting for you- one call away. Call 180 Closet Design and get started today!

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