5 Tips for Optimal Closet Construction: How Building a Custom Closet Can Boost the Value of Your Health and Home

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Large custom closets can boost a home’s value.

Not enough to get you thinking about investing in a closet that’s perfectly suited to your tastes? Homeowners near you are reaping the benefits.

Houses in Alexandria and other areas of Virginia have seen a boost in their value simply by adding a custom closet.

Before getting started, though, you’ll want to ensure you’re armed with the right tips for closet construction.

1. Figure Out What You Want

An organized home leads to greater happiness. Disorder reminds us of the chores we still have left to do. Thinking about your long to-do list will certainly cause you anxiety.

If this is your top concern, then mention this to your closet designer!

Closet designers in Great Falls, VA, and nearby areas have experience working with builders to create a customized space that’s functional and stylish. In order to take advantage of this service, you first need to know what you want.

  • Are you looking for a walk-in closet?
  • Is the goal to optimize organization or to enhance the aesthetic?
  • Is the closet a simple reach-in closet?
  • Will you be expanding your wardrobe anytime soon?
  • Is this a kids’ closet?
  • What are some other designs you love?

After you answer these questions, you’ll be able to communicate your dream design to a consultant. 

5 Tips for Optimal Closet Construction: How Building a Custom Closet Can Boost the Value of Your Health and Home 1

For inspiration, ask them for examples of their past designs.

This is a great way to get a feel for their specific design techniques while also getting ideas for your own closet.

2. Get the Best Tips for Closet Construction

So you’ve decided on a walk-in closet? Maybe you prefer a reach-in closet that fits your space?

Whichever style you decide to go with, it’s best to stick to the advice given for walk-in closet construction.

Why? These tips, style guides, and ideas tend to be more comprehensive when it comes to building a custom closet. They tend to factor in things such as:

  • Positioning shelves above the hanging space
  • Making the shelves no more than 14 inches deep
  • Spacing the shelves no more than 10 inches apart
  • Providing space for walking in-between shelves
  • Factoring in the space needed to keep clothes tidy spread out

Optimal closest construction is about the perfect mixture of style and practicality. If you follow the tips laid out for walk-in closets, you’ll find that you get the best of both worlds.

3. Add Storage in Other Places

If you’re investing in a custom closet space, you want to use it simply to store clothing and accessories.

Think about the closet of your dreams.

5 Tips for Optimal Closet Construction: How Building a Custom Closet Can Boost the Value of Your Health and Home 2

Does it have boxes of cables stacked up in the back? Are there old tubs of art supplies? Probably not.

A closet is a peaceful place to bask in your personal clothing paradise. It isn’t a place to store old memorabilia and mismatched socks.

To get the most out of a custom closet construction, consider adding storage space elsewhere, such as in a garage.

With parking being such a nightmare in places like Alexandria, a home garage construction or garage renovation is a great asset. Not only can it boost a home’s value, but it can also add extra storage space.

4. Optimize the Space You Have

If you’re not going to expand a closet space and just want to renovate your existing closet, focus on optimizing the space.

Think about your current wardrobe as well as any clothes you plan to buy in the future. Then, you’ll be able to construct the closet in a way that suits you and your needs.

For example, you’ll be able to organize in a way that:

Allows you to see what you have at a glance. Build the closet in a way that allows you to see everything important without digging through drawers or piles.

Helps you effectively organize clothes by type or style. Need to look professional on certain days? Create a specific alcove in your closet for more elegant looks.

Makes you feel like you’re in a calming space. Building a custom closet is all about optimizing the space in a way that facilitates order. This order will help you avoid anxiety when picking out your daily outfit.

There are a few ways to go about this, but it’s recommended that you take cues from professional closet organizers as well as closet designers.

5 Tips for Optimal Closet Construction: How Building a Custom Closet Can Boost the Value of Your Health and Home 3

5. Focus on Five Main Areas

Organize your pre-construction closet in an efficient way. This makes the job of the contractor or designer easier.

If you’re building a custom closet from scratch, think about the following:

Entrance Doors

How do you envision your dream closet? Do the doors swing wide open or are they sliding mirrors? This might seem like a small part of a custom closet design, but it’s where your experience begins.

Closet Shape

If you’re constructing a closet from scratch, you have the luxury of deciding on the shape. Experts suggest that your wardrobe is the deciding factor here. Take a look at your clothes and decide if a square shape is best or not.

Closet Island

If you’ve got the space, a closet island can add a lot of space and style. It’s a great option for people with jewelry or other items they need to place on the counter.

5 Tips for Optimal Closet Construction: How Building a Custom Closet Can Boost the Value of Your Health and Home 4


This is especially important if you’re planning on adding a vanity to the closet. However, outlets are a great idea for any large closet as they make it more accessible and functional for whenever you need it.


This is something most homeowners overlook, but a change in flooring can add a lot of value and style.

Some form of carpeting is ideal because you’ll usually be standing in your closet with bare feet.

Get Help from a Professional

Don’t be shy. Consulting a professional closet designer will ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Here at 180 Closet Design, we have years of experience. Our team specializes in designing custom closets for residents like you in all of Northern Virginia.

Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll give you personal, customized tips for closet construction. 

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