Best Walk In Closet Ideas of 2019

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You don’t need a portal to Narnia to know the incredible feeling of having a walk-in closet. In fact, most homeowners are so enchanted with the idea of a bigger closet that 20% of people surveyed said they would be willing to take a six-month pay cut for a larger closet!

So let’s cut to the chase — closet design is important. Whether you have walk-in closets or reach-in closets, space is important. Here are some of the best tips for a walk in closet design in 2019:

Decide the Shape of your Walk In Closet

There are a few traditional shapes to choose from with walk-in closets. The most common styles are “L” shaped, “U” shaped, or straight walk-in closet. L shaped closets occupy two walls of a room, which gives you plenty of space to move around in the room.

A “U” shaped closet takes up three walls, increasing the maximum amount of storage space. So if you are looking to have a display wall for your 40 pairs of designer shoes AND ensure you can color code your spring, summer, fall, and winter outfits, opt for a “U” shape.

If space is a limiting factor in your home, don’t fret. The straight walk-in closet is great for homes or rooms with limited space. In fact, a straight closet allows for a “his” side and “hers” side.

Best Walk In Closet Ideas of 2019 1

Build Great Storage Spaces

Once you have selected the type of closet, be ready to have lots of good storage. Most people have plenty of accessories, wardrobes with seasonal items, and a multitude of shoes for different occasions.

Best Walk In Closet Ideas of 2019 2

Be sure to allocate storage for all clothing, accessories, and shoes. This will ensure that it is easy and stress-free to locate that perfect dress or shirt for a special occasion.

Additionally, having enough room allocated for each type of clothing makes the storage of clothing easy and convenient (as well as looking classy), keeping everything organized and wrinkle or dust free. Make sure to consider appropriate shelving, hanging space, cabinets, drawers, shoes wracks, and jewelry hangers.

Style is Key

Getting the right style of your walk-in closet is key to being happy with how it looks and feels. A walk-in closet is almost like your own personal runway – giving you space and area to get ready and ensure you look your best. Make sure the closet has a great feel to it. There are plenty of options for ensuring you get the right feel to a closet.

Here are some general tips for designing the perfect feel:

  1. Use White: white is the perfect backdrop for a walk in closet. It helps give high contrast, ensuring your clothing looks its best and the closet feels fresh and new.
  2. Add Mirrors: If wall space isn’t available, portable or freestanding mirrors work great. A mirror is a great addition to a walk-in closet because it gives you the opportunity to see yourself from additional angles, ensuring a great look.
  3. Pay Attention to Lighting: The closet should have PLENTY of lighting, and lights from all angles. Make sure the lighting in the closet is bright and plentiful. This can help you get the incredible lightbox effect.
  4. Shoe Displays: Shoes are important. Make sure you have plenty of room to display your shoes and keep them looking nice. Shoes that are stored and displayed correctly not only last longer, but they end up looking better too because they stay free from stains, smudges, and creases.

Now that you have a few ideas floating around, it’s time to start designing your perfect walk-in closet. Don’t worry, there is no need to go through a six-month salary reduction to do so.

Whether you have space for a “U” shaped closet or a straight closet, we can help you find the perfect design to increase your space and your ability to show light all of your favorite outfits. Give us a call for a walk in closet designs consultation.

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